A Better Brushing Breakdown: The 30 Second Rule

When you brush your teeth, you know that you should be doing so for two minutes until you’re done. We also alert you that it’s important to do your best to focus on all of your teeth surfaces. However, it can be easy to end up a bit too focused on your visible teeth or to worry too much about the surfaces that you chew with. As a result, if you’re paying close attention to the seconds as they tick away but having trouble dividing up your time, this can backfire. Fortunately, we can guide you through the process with a very simple dental hygiene guideline: The 30 second rule!

Top Arch: 30 Seconds Then 30 Seconds

First, you’ve got two parts of your smile: Your top arch and your bottom arch. So, that means you’ll be dividing your time by allotting one minute for your top arch and one minute for your bottom. This is helpful but not helpful enough. How to proceed, you wonder? Start by brushing the outer part of your teeth (that face away from your tongue) and the surfaces you chew with for 30 seconds. When this is complete, take that brush and finish your upper-smile dental hygiene by brushing along the inner surfaces (which come into contact with your tongue).

Bottom Arch: 30 Seconds Then 30 Seconds

You might have caught on already but let’s go through the details. For this bottom portion of your smile’s dental hygiene, follow the aforementioned plan. Start with the outer part of your smile (remember to include your gumline) for 30 seconds, then the inner portion. Once this is complete, remember to also sweep your brush along your tongue for a truly clean mouth.

Ask For Advice To Streamline Dental Hygiene

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