Canker Sores: What’s Going On In My Mouth?

If you experience some sudden and extreme pain in your mouth in a single location, take a look. Do you see a whitish ulcer, perhaps with a yellow tinge? Does its surrounding tissue give it what appears to be a red border? If so, you just might be dealing with a canker sore. If you’ve had one before, you’re already familiar. If not, you might feel somewhat concerned. For now, we can help you out with the information you really want to know. Of course, if the problem causes you alarm, we always welcome a visit.

Your Sore Is Not Unusual

This is not a rare or unusual thing. Many people end up with canker sores, the cause of which is not exactly clear. You might have been extremely stressed out recently. Maybe you ate something or did something to cause some severe irritation.

See Us If It’s Severe Or Persistent

If the canker sore does not remain an uncomfortable, present ulcer for more than about 10 days, then you’re fine and can expect it to resolve. However, if it is immediately excruciating or seems very swollen (or if it is still in full effect after 10 days), then call us to set up an urgent visit.

Don’t Worry About Spreading It

Don’t worry. You’re not going to “give” the sore to anyone. It is not contagious.

Remember To Rinse

Helping with healing and the prevention of complications is as simple as maintaining a clean sore. Rinse with salt water several times throughout the day to accomplish this task.

Don’t Bother With It

Stay away from the sore and it will probably get better. Mess with it and the opposite will occur!

Call Us To Schedule A Visit For Severe Sores

If you experience a canker or other type of sore that is severe or won’t heal, call us soon to come in for an examination and treatment. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.