Fish Creek Adopt-a-Stream Cleanup

If you are feeling the itch to get outside and contribute some volunteer effort to benefit Grand Prairie, you might want to participate in the Adopt-A-Stream clean up, announced on the City of Grand Prairie Volunteers page. This will be a land-based clean up, so you don’t need special wet gear or a boat or floatation device. Clean up crews will convene at Fish Creek Linear Park, which has a parking lot, pavilion, picnic tables and walking trails. Just like a great Grand Prairie dental team makes smile-care possible, a team clean up effort will help keep our city beautiful. (more…)

3 Reassuring Facts If You Need A Cavity Treatment

No one wants to hear about the dental work they need to restore an unhealthy tooth – after all, everyone’s goal should be to maintain a problem-free smile. If you are informed that you need treatment for a cavity, or if you suspect something may be wrong, a degree of concern is natural. With that said, you can be reassured in the knowledge that modern restorative dental care can be more pleasant than you realize. In addition to taking your comfort seriously, your Grand Prairie, TX dentist can offer restorations that imitate your tooth structure, and maintain your appearance.  (more…)

Get Your Wishes In Order For 2019!

When you write out your wish list for the winter holidays, you probably don’t usually put “dental fillings” or any other type of dental care on it. It doesn’t mean you don’t really want smile-related treatments for your smile but in most cases, a nice new sweater, brand new luxury vehicle, and other dreams fill your mind. Fortunately, there’s another sort of wish list that tends to crop up as the year ends: Your wishes for the brand new year ahead! Whether you want to think of them as resolutions or just goals for a very happy 2019, our Grand Prairie, TX team suggests coming up with a list solely dedicated to making your smile even better. Let’s help you get started with some very good, dentist-approved ideas.


I Don’t Eat Sugar Very Often: Why Do I Still Get Cavities?

You may feel a bit disappointed. You might eat very little sugar, if any at all, yet you find that you still develop tooth decay from time to time! What on earth could be going on, you wonder? Aren’t cavities the direct result of eating sugar, you think to yourself? The truth is, the things you’ve heard about eating sweets may be somewhat misleading. First: There’s more to developing decay than just eating a sugary treat. In fact, there’s more to the sugar-and-cavities connection than you might realize. Let our Grand Prairie, TX team break down the details for you, so you’re no longer worried about the breakdown of your dental tissue!


Mistletoe Mayhem: Don’t Find Your Smile Unprepared!

As you have likely been considering, there are so many things happening at the moment and it’s all thanks to the joy and merriment of the holiday! There’s lots of excitement to be had. Then, there’s lot of planning to complete. One thing that you may overlook, even if you have gone to excruciating lengths to prep for parties, meals, and more, is the fact that you may find yourself suddenly standing under an unexpected bit of mistletoe. This can be a funny moment or … it can be terrifying if your smile is not ready! Allow our Grand Prairie, TX team to ensure your oral health and smile appearance do not betray you, should such a moment present itself!


Snow Ho-Ho 2018

We may not have any snow in Grand Prairie, TX but we certainly have an abundance of the Christmas spirit! If your kiddos are getting quite into the holiday season and you’d love to share some fun with them reminiscent of your own childhood days, then the upcoming Snow Ho-Ho may be just the event to attend! It’s all about turning off the screens and enjoying some true holiday fun!


“Bad” Feelings Always Mean: Come See Us!

One of the most common dilemmas we hear about follows: When you aren’t sure if you should come see us or not! When you’re experiencing some “bad” sensations, no matter how you describe them, this is always a warning sign that you should see our team unless you know exactly what is happening (for instance, you bit your tongue, you can see it is okay, and you just have to wait for it to heal). In instances in which you don’t know precisely what the problem is, our Grand Prairie, TX team will always respond with the very same answer. It’s time to come in for a dental visit just to be on the safe side.


Sneaky Little Dangers In Your Holiday Feast!

When you’re all excited about your holiday feast, the parties you’ll go to, and just how much delicious food you’re looking forward to, it can send you reeling! What fun. Unfortunately, when you unexpectedly break a tooth because of a danger you couldn’t see and weren’t expecting, well, this can send you reeling in a not-so-wonderful way. Are there some secrets you should know to help you steer clear of accidental oral health damage, you wonder? Why, of course there are and you can bet that our Grand Prairie, TX team is itching to tell you all about them! Keep the particulars in mind as you enjoy your upcoming meals and snacks!


Things To Replace In The New Year

When we’re talking about your smile and the incoming New Year, we like to bring up topics you may not have thought of before. Sure, you may be thinking that 2019 would be a good time to get more serious about dental hygiene or to consider whitening. Today, though, our Grand Prairie, TX team would like to discuss some things you may need to replace in the new year, so your oral health is right on track for success! Haven’t really looked at your smile in this light just yet? Let’s get started, so you can prepare to take care of any “replacement” needs you may have!


Porcelain Veneers: 3 Reasons You Dismiss Them (But Shouldn’t)

Have you noticed that when you check out our website and poke around online as you think about improving your smile that you completely dismiss porcelain veneers? The second you see them, do you think to yourself, “Nope, not for me” and then carry on? If so, we would like you to take a moment to reflect on the reasons you’re doing this and to realize you may actually want to slow down, take some time, and get to know veneers a bit better. Our Grand Prairie, TX team knows that like for many patients, when you better understand a treatment and the benefits it offers, you may realize it’s not at all what you thought (but exactly what you need)!