Thinking About Improving Your Smile with Gum Contouring?

A gummy smile isn’t like many other cosmetic dental concerns. Unlike teeth stains, for instance, some people with a gummy smile may not consider their a condition a hindrance to their smile’s appearance. Therefore, they may choose to ignore it and never seek treatment to correct the symmetry of their gum line. However, while it may not seem as much of a problem as other cosmetic concerns, a gummy smile could have a serious impact on your smile’s appearance, as well as many other aspects of your oral health. Fortunately, for many patients with gummy smiles, we can often offer an effective way to improve it, with the help of cosmetic gum contouring. (more…)

A Look at Tooth Bonding’s Benefits to Your Smile

As a cosmetic dentistry option, tooth bonding has become popular for its ability to address a wide range of cosmetic tooth concerns quickly, and with minimal or no changes to your tooth structure. Yet, for patients with certain types of cosmetic concerns, the benefits of cosmetic tooth bonding go far beyond improving a tooth’s appearance. For instance, the biocompatible resin that’s used for tooth bonding isn’t just lifelike in appearance, but also strong and durable enough to fully restore your natural tooth structure in certain conditions. Today, we take a look at a few ways in which tooth bonding can benefit your smile, and some of the conditions that it might be best for addressing. (more…)

3 Things to Check Before Whitening Your Teeth

For some patients, whitening their teeth on a periodic basis has almost always been a part of their routine dental care. Though never performed as frequently as routine checkups and cleanings, which are necessary to prevent most other types of oral health issues, teeth-whitening is the most convenient and effective solution for dealing with common teeth stains. However, while it may be commonly recommended and highly effective at brightening stained teeth, whitening your teeth is only a good idea given a few factors are met. Today, we examine just a few of these, and why it’s important to checkup them before whitening your teeth. (more…)

What Should Your Cosmetic Smile Makeover Achieve?

Cosmetic smile makeovers can be simple, or they can be complex. They might only require a single, conservative treatment, or it might take several different cosmetic treatments to create the smile you want and deserve. It all depends on many different factors, the most obvious of which are the specific concerns you have with your smile’s appearance. When designing your smile makeover procedure, we’ll take all of these considerations into account and design a treatment plan that helps you achieve the specific results you desire. (more…)

What Dental Care for Children Usually Means

Regular dental health care is important for everyone, but for children, it may not always entail the same things as it does for adults. For example, most basic dental health care concepts are similar no matter the age of the patient, such as the need for regular cleaning and professional examination. However, some concerns are specific to the health of children’s teeth and oral structures, such as the need to preserve their primary teeth to promote better growth and development of their permanent ones. Today, we look at just a few ways in which dental care for children might mean something different than it does for adults. (more…)

Wearing Your Teeth Out through Bruxism

You might not always pay close attention to just how often you use your teeth. It’s probably been years since you’ve counted your bites, if ever, and that doesn’t even account for the subconscious things your teeth can go through. For example, if you have bruxism, then food isn’t the only thing your teeth constantly grind against. They also grind against each other, and the results can be disastrous for your smile and oral health if you don’t address the condition promptly. (more…)

Things You’ll Need to Know if You Have Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a common sleep breathing disorder that can have several different impacts on the quality of your sleep and daily life. However, many patients who have sleep apnea don’t realize they have it, even after they begin to exhibit some of the more obvious symptoms. There are many different things that sleep apnea can affect the longer you have to deal with it, many of which stem from the fact that the condition prevents you from reaching deep sleep. Today, we examine a few things that you’ll need to know if you have sleep apnea, including how to treat the condition so you can finally get the rest you deserve. (more…)

What to Do Between Your Checkup and Cleaning Appointments

You might recognize that keeping your smile requires two things – consistently good hygiene, and regular preventive care from your dentist. However, you might not realize just how closely the two are tied, or how hygiene at home should be an extension of what your dentist does for your smile during your checkups and cleanings. Good hygiene makes your routine dental visits easier and more convenient, and helps you avoid the need for more extensive follow-up treatment the next time you visit. To that end, we explore a few important things you should be doing at home, between your routine checkup and cleaning appointments. (more…)

3 Things You Should Consider a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can mean something different to everyone, and even in different situations with your own oral health. Because it can span so many different conditions, it isn’t always easy to determine if your concern should be considered an emergency or not. If not, then you may not need to schedule an emergency dental appointment. However, rather than risk ignoring an emergency because you aren’t sure, we prefer you receive the treatment you need as soon as possible, or at least be sure that your condition isn’t an immediate threat. (more…)

Would You Benefit from Dental Implants?

Over the last few decades, dental implants have become one of the most popular ways for dealing with adult tooth loss. That’s mainly due to the unique benefits they provide when rebuilding your smile, which stem from their ability to replace the roots of your lost teeth. However, until you’ve received dental implants, you may not fully appreciate what these benefits can mean to your oral health. At our Grand Prairie, TX, dental office, we might recommend replacing your lost teeth with dental implants to help you enjoy their many different benefits, whether you’ve recently lost a tooth, have lost several of them, or already have a traditional bridge or denture. (more…)