Sensitivity: No Need For You To Panic!

We know that in addition to serious pain, one of the other things that can send any patient into a frenzy is the onset of dental sensitivity! It’s a very strange sensation that sort of hurts but also just feels quite strange yet intense. In short: It’s not pleasant and because its arrival can mean so many things, it can certainly set you on edge. However, our Grand Prairie, TX team reminds you that you don’t have to become so worried! Skip the panicking and instead, just let us help!


Double Dare Live! Event

Perhaps you caught an episode or two of Double Dare, the beloved Nickelodeon game show, during one of its iterations over the past 30 years or so. Maybe you were one of the series’ original fans in the 80s, spending your time glued to the TV set, while you looked on in awe at the seemingly impossible obstacle courses (and all of that slime!). If so, then our Grand Prairie, TX team has some incredible news: You can now attend Double Dare Live! … which means in person!


Tricks For Exposing Teeth To Less Sugar

There’s more than one way to think about things when you’re considering ways to expose your teeth to sugar for a shorter amount of time. On one hand, you can simply eat less sugar. On the other hand, you can get better about removing sugar from your teeth after you’ve enjoyed something sweet and delicious! Fortunately, our Grand Prairie, TX team has the full spectrum of suggestions you need in order to protect your oral health.


Style File: Beauty And Style For Women

Have you been feeling like you’re ready for a change but you aren’t really sure which path to take in terms of your personal style and beauty? Maybe you feel like you’ve been wearing the same color palette or type of clothing for years (or even decades) now and you’re sure that some advice would help you feel amazing and excited about expressing yourself through color, fabric, makeup, and more again! If so, don’t miss the upcoming Style File: Beauty And Style For Women event!


Springtime Changes For Your Breath: What’s Happening?

You may have noticed recently that just as soon as springtime finally arrived, bringing with it a lovely seasonal transformation in Grand Prairie, TX, so did the arrival of your bad breath. Is it a coincidence you wonder? Or, is there some connection between the changing of the seasons and the sudden shift in your mouth? Let our team help you out with some simple, common issues that arise this time of year, so you can nip such concerns in the bud and get your breath back on track!


STAR Certified Master Composter Class

Do you look at the world around you, wondering what you can do as an individual to help protect our environment? Perhaps you’re striving to create as sustainable a lifestyle as you can and one of those things still on your list is finally getting the art of composting down to a science, so you’re creating less waste and you’re putting good stuff back into your garden. If this is all sounding very familiar, then take a moment to ask yourself whether you’d be interested in our Grand Prairie, TX community’s STAR Certified Master Composter Class!


Cosmetic Care: 3 Ways You May Wish To Think About It

You know what cosmetic care does for your smile: It makes it look better! However, when it comes to your outlook in regard to coming to our Grand Prairie, TX practice to actually access this type of dental care, we ask: What’s your perspective like? For some, there’s no hesitation or concern. For other patients, a bit of guilt or uncertainty creeps in and they feel as though they need to come up with a compelling reason to choose smile improvement. We remind you, it’s all about your outlook and we happen to have some easy perspective shifts to consider!


How Long Until A Brighter Smile?

Your smile has been a part of your life since your first gummy grin. Not everyone has grown up thrilled with the look of their smile, whether due to a crooked tooth, an awkward gap, or a dingy film that seems to have gradually appeared out of nowhere.  Depending on what bothers your about your smile, our trusted dental team in Grand Prairie, TX can offer solutions that help you love your smile. Whether your smile has changed slowly, or you’ve suffered an accident or other acute change, we can make a positive difference. (more…)

Toothpaste: How Much Do You Know?

Many of us don’t think much about toothpaste. We use it until the tube is just about empty, then add it to the shopping list and restock our bathroom shelves. Toothpaste is a crucial ally in keeping teeth cleaned of food particles and oral bacteria. Our dental team in Grand Prairie, TX knows that proper daily home care, and attending regularly schedule checks and cleanings, are vital to good oral health. If you are in the know about good family brushing, you’ll be ahead in the tooth care game! (more…)

Would A Powered Toothbrush Be A Good Change?

There are a lot of debatable questions you will encounter throughout a lifetime. Some bring with them deep philosophical factors that can make it difficult to ever come to a conclusion. Then, of course, there are those uncertainties like the following: Would it be a good idea to change over to a powered toothbrush? Or not? While this doesn’t come with a hard and fast “yes” or “no,” it is most certainly a dental hygiene topic our Grand Prairie, TX team can clear up on your behalf, so there’s no more wondering about which way to go.