Category: Preventive Dentistry

Ways You Might Be Missing Important Fluoride

Did you know that fluoride is an essential mineral for you to receive if you want your teeth to remain healthy and strong? As a matter of fact, it’s a mineral that is found within nature, so you can feel reassured that it’s not only helpful for promoting teeth that stay strong (and avoid cavities) but also… Read more »

Hate Flossing? We Can Help!

Do you find that no matter what you do, you do not enjoy flossing? Is this something that causes you a considerable amount of worry because you want to care for your smile the best that you can? However, this dental hygiene obstacle seems to keep getting in the way. Fortunately, you are not stuck… Read more »

3 Ways You’re Stopping Your Oral Health Progress

You might not recognize it just yet but you might be doing some things that are keeping you from making the most of your oral health progress. For instance, you might be doing some things correctly like brushing your teeth. However, you might be making some other counterproductive choices throughout the day that destroy the… Read more »

Understand Gum Disease: 3 Simple Details

Do you understand that gum disease can be extremely damaging to your smile? So much so that when left untreated, it can lead to some seriously devastating consequences that require immense care before your smile is restored? Perhaps you’re fully informed regarding the long-term side effects but as for the disease itself, you don’t really… Read more »

Cavities: 3 Surprising Details

We commonly discover that patients think they know just about all there is to know about tooth decay. However, these same patients are often shocked by some simple yet brand new discoveries when we fill them in on the details surrounding cavity development. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to become more educated regarding this very common… Read more »

3 Reasons Your Flossing Isn’t Working

Hark! What’s that you just heard? Did someone claim that flossing your teeth doesn’t really do anything beneficial and you were right there to say, “Yes, that’s quite right! Flossing just isn’t working for me!”? If so, we understand your frustration. However, we also need to redirect your thoughts a bit. While it’s possible flossing… Read more »

3 Ways To Break A Tooth

Obviously you aren’t interested in breaking a tooth – you’re interested in doing your best to avoid this serious type of oral health damage. However, by becoming familiar with the common ways we see patients damaging their dental tissue, you can become en expert on what not to do. Keep in mind that even with… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: Making It Fun

Do you ever dread the idea of brushing and flossing your teeth? Are you starting to wonder how on earth you will be able to continue doing this for the rest of your life because frankly, it’s just not that much fun? Good news: We are ready to help rejuvenate your twice daily experience in… Read more »

3 Tips For Healthy Lips

Do you focus on your oral health care as much as possible, doing your best to ensure your gums are healthy, your teeth are healthy, and even your jaw joints are in good shape? If so, your lip health may be falling by the wayside. As a result, you may wonder what you should do… Read more »

Cutting Sugar Out Of Your Diet

Cutting sugar out of your diet is not only good for your dental health, it is good for your overall health. Too much sugar not only contributes to tooth decay and periodontal disease, it also contributes to weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. Although you can make the distinction between natural sugars and added sugar,… Read more »