Gum Irritation: Some Things To Avoid

When you experience gum irritation, it can become far more frustrating than you might think. This is for a long list of reasons, the foremost of which include the following: You may have no idea why your gums seem irritated and the irritation may worsen and make speaking and eating uncomfortable. First things first, if we have not recently seen you for a visit (and sent you home with assurance that your gums are healthy), then come right in! However, if you know you’re not suffering from gum disease, we encourage you to consider a few things to avoid that are well-known for aggravating your gums.

Careful With That Fork!

Anything sharp that comes into contact with your gum tissue can lead to gum irritation. While you might think this is a silly suggestion, it’s actually easier than you might think to slip and stab yourself in the gums! The same is true with a sharp tortilla chip or anything else with a pointed edge. Remember to practice caution when you have sharp food or objects, so your gums don’t suffer.

Let Food Cool Down First

While you may be someone who seems to handle hot foods or beverages well, don’t assume that means your smile is immune to gum irritation. Very hot foods and drinks can burn not only your lips and your tongue but also your gingival tissue! Give products time to cool, so your mouth remains safe.

Watch The Spice Factor

Very spicy foods can actually irritate your gums! Didn’t think this was possible? It’s absolutely worth avoiding spicy or “hot” foods, particularly if gums already feel irritated, if you have a sore, etc.

Protect Your Gum Health With Our Care

If gums seem irritated or inflamed, we encourage you to come in for a visit, so we can examine your smile and offer any necessary treatment. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.