I Don’t Eat Sugar Very Often: Why Do I Still Get Cavities?

You may feel a bit disappointed. You might eat very little sugar, if any at all, yet you find that you still develop tooth decay from time to time! What on earth could be going on, you wonder? Aren’t cavities the direct result of eating sugar, you think to yourself? The truth is, the things you’ve heard about eating sweets may be somewhat misleading. First: There’s more to developing decay than just eating a sugary treat. In fact, there’s more to the sugar-and-cavities connection than you might realize. Let our Grand Prairie, TX team break down the details for you, so you’re no longer worried about the breakdown of your dental tissue!

It’s All About The Carbohydrates!

When you want to eat more carefully to ensure you’re not encouraging the development of tooth decay, it’s not just about staying away from sugars. It’s about staying away from carbohydrates. They’re what bacteria like (then, when they eat them, they secrete acids, which eventually leads to tooth decay). Generally speaking, carbs that may lead to cavities can be found in the form of sugars and starches. So it’s not just about avoiding candy or ice cream or cookies. It’s also about being careful with your intake of breads, starchy veggies, pasta, cereal, and more!

It’s All About Keeping Teeth Clean, Too!

It’s not just about eating sugar or carbs, etc., when you’re trying to avoid cavities. It’s very important that you remember no matter what you eat, you have to keep your teeth clean. Whether you’re fueling the bacteria in the plaque that saturates your teeth every day or not, they can still cause harm. So can any acidic foods or drinks you consume. Keep brushing twice a day and flossing once a day to keep your smile free of plaque (and free of the tartar that plaque turns into when you don’t remove it). It will help you remain free of tooth decay.

It’s All About Keeping Them Really Clean

Did we mention that all of that brushing and flossing you do is extremely helpful in protecting you from tooth decay (but even with your mightiest efforts, some bacteria-rich plaque and tartar will remain)? Yes. That’s why professional cleanings are required. We finish the job up, so teeth remain clean and cavities won’t form.

Understand How To Safeguard Your Smile By Asking For Info!

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