You Need Root Canal Therapy – True or False?

you need root canal therapy - true or falseFor many patients, the thought of needing root canal therapy isn’t exactly a pleasant one. But if you’ve been told that you do, then procrastinating may make your condition worse. The truth is that root canal therapy is vital to saving teeth that have become severely infected, or that have been damaged enough to expose their inner tissues. The more you know about root canal therapy, the more you will realize its importance, as well as the fact that you have nothing to worry about during the procedure.

True or False Quiz about Root Canals

T/F: There are alternatives to root canal therapy

True: There are alternatives to root canal therapy, but they may not be what you expect. The only way to avoid root canal treatment is to avoid the tooth infection that causes it – tooth decay. Keeping up with your daily hygiene routine (i.e., brushing and flossing at twice every day) and visiting your dentist regularly can help you avoid tooth decay and the need for root canal treatment. However, if your tooth is already in need of treatment and you hesitate, then the infection may become severe enough to require tooth extraction.

T/F: Root canal therapy causes discomfort

False: One of the biggest misconceptions about root canal therapy is that the procedure is painful. But in reality, it’s the infection that makes your tooth hurt, and root canal treatment can be the best option for alleviating it. With advanced technology, highly-effective local anesthesia, and a choice of dental sedation options, your dentist can perform your procedure with minimal discomfort.

T/F: Time will heal your tooth, if you wait

False: Unlike a cut on your finger or a bit lip, tooth decay does not go away on its own. If you give it time, the infection will continue to spread through the tooth’s structure and sensitive pulp tissues, eventually leading to tooth loss or the need for an extraction.