How Long Until A Brighter Smile?

Your smile has been a part of your life since your first gummy grin. Not everyone has grown up thrilled with the look of their smile, whether due to a crooked tooth, an awkward gap, or a dingy film that seems to have gradually appeared out of nowhere.  Depending on what bothers your about your smile, our trusted dental team in Grand Prairie, TX can offer solutions that help you love your smile. Whether your smile has changed slowly, or you’ve suffered an accident or other acute change, we can make a positive difference. (more…)

Toothpaste: How Much Do You Know?

Many of us don’t think much about toothpaste. We use it until the tube is just about empty, then add it to the shopping list and restock our bathroom shelves. Toothpaste is a crucial ally in keeping teeth cleaned of food particles and oral bacteria. Our dental team in Grand Prairie, TX knows that proper daily home care, and attending regularly schedule checks and cleanings, are vital to good oral health. If you are in the know about good family brushing, you’ll be ahead in the tooth care game! (more…)

Would A Powered Toothbrush Be A Good Change?

There are a lot of debatable questions you will encounter throughout a lifetime. Some bring with them deep philosophical factors that can make it difficult to ever come to a conclusion. Then, of course, there are those uncertainties like the following: Would it be a good idea to change over to a powered toothbrush? Or not? While this doesn’t come with a hard and fast “yes” or “no,” it is most certainly a dental hygiene topic our Grand Prairie, TX team can clear up on your behalf, so there’s no more wondering about which way to go.


Sleep Apnea Awareness Month: When The Answer Is Yes

Learning that Sleep Apnea Awareness Month happens each March may stoke a bit of a fire for patients who have been wondering about this disorder. What is it that you haven’t followed through on learning about in regard to this issue that makes it nearly impossible to enjoy the sleep you want and need, our Grand Prairie, TX team wonders? To begin, we would love to offer you a quick dose of “yes” answers to questions we hear quite a lot at our practice. Then, of course, if you realize you really need time to sit down with us to learn more, we invite you to get in touch with us very soon!


Springtime Changes: Get A Head Start On Smile Care!

What lovelier realization might there be in the midst of winter than the fact that spring is coming? Flowers will bloom, the birds will sing, and we will be able to go outside coat-free on a much more consistent basis here in Grand Prairie, TX! With that said, we have to ask: Is your smile quite as ready as you are for the steadily approaching changing of the seasons? If you’re not sure and you haven’t ever really connected springtime with your smile care, we’re happy to offer you some new insight!


Chewing Gum: Interesting Things To Consider

Certain topics that come up in regard to your smile can immediately cause confusion. What you want in many instances is simply to be able to determine that something is okay for you or not okay. However, when the category is gum chewing, there are too many subtle nuances involved to classify it as a strictly black-and-white issue. The good news? When you learn just a little bit about how to chew gum in a way that is beneficial, you’ll carry that education with you for life and will know how to proceed, while keeping your oral health safe. It takes just a quick jolt of new knowledge from our Grand Prairie, TX team!


Easy To Remember Dental Floss No-Nos!

There are some thing you know about dental floss without spending much time thinking about it: You know you need to floss every day as part of dental hygiene to complete effective preventive care. You know that you need to keep this up for life in order to maintain a smile that doesn’t end up with serious problems like inflamed gums, cavities, and more. However, our Grand Prairie, TX team wonders if there are some things you don’t know about that you shouldn’t do in terms of flossing. Let’s make sure you’re well informed, so you’re not missing a beat!


Interview Skills For Teens

Is your teen thinking about applying for a job now that spring break is nearly here? Perhaps your teenager is waiting until summer but is feeling ready to secure some much-desired employment and income! Or, do you have a high school senior who is interested in entering the workforce or working during college? Whatever the case, you will be pleased to learn that your Grand Prairie, TX community teen can gain some very important knowledge during the upcoming Interview Skills For Teens event!


Things To Remember This Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, you want to be swept away by love and romance and simply enjoy yourself! However, for those patients of our Grand Prairie, TX team who take their oral health very seriously, this can become quite difficult! Every offer of dessert, wine, and more feels like being bombarded with temptation that could lead to smile health problems. What to do, you wonder? Give in and enjoy? Stay the course? Fortunately, we can help you find a happy medium, so you protect those oral tissues of yours without having to sacrifice a lovely holiday experience!


YOLO: What It Means For Your Smile

By now, if you aren’t saying it regularly, you have at least heard someone yell out, “YOLO!” What’s it mean, you ask? It stands for “you only live once.” While this may be taken many ways, the intention is to suggest that you should enjoy and embrace life, take risks, and make the most of your experience on this earth! So, our Grand Prairie, TX team asks: Are you relying on this way of thinking to make the absolute most of your experience with dental care? Or, do you find that you often head in the other direction and miss out on opportunities? Consider some moments when shouting out “YOLO!” may be to your advantage!