Your Dental Emergency: What To Remember!

It would put a smile on our faces to know that you never have to end up in an urgent situation in which your smile needs care now. However, we know that on a realistic level, it is entirely possible that such a moment may happen to you or one of our other patients at some point. To ensure we are here to make it as calm and streamlined a journey from trauma to a healthy smile as possible, we offer care for your dental emergency! Should this ever happen to you, keep a few things in mind.


Surprising Things That End Up On (And In) Your Mouth!

Have you ever wondered about why your lips seem perfectly healthy one moment and then are really bothering you the next, even though you haven’t seemed to change up your routine at all? Have you ever thought about why the tip of your tongue feels strange out of nowhere? Let’s talk about some things that are getting on your lips and in your mouth without you even noticing! It can be beneficial for your oral health (and overall health) to keep these details in mind.


Smile Care: Excuses To Avoid

We all rely on some seemingly reasonable excuses from time to time when we don’t really want to do something. In certain instance, this isn’t too big of a deal because the consequences are minimal! However, when it comes to your smile care, when you give yourself an “out” for something that you really do need in order to keep your healthy grin healthy, trying to fall back on an excuse can have dire consequences! Looking for some examples? Consider a few, so you realize it’s always much better to remain proactive.


Teeth Whitening: The 3 Important Steps

Of course, once you know that you feel unhappy with the not-very-pleasing tint of your teeth, it’s time to snap into action. Most patients immediately decide that this issue calls for teeth whitening. In many cases, this is spot on! So, what do you do now? You know that you want your smile to look white but are there some sort of steps to take to get to the finished results you want? Of course there are: About three of them (and they’re very easy to follow).


Things To Remember About Treating Sensitive Teeth

If you know that you need to treat your sensitive teeth but what you aren’t sure about is where to begin or what to do, then recognize you’re not alone. This is a very, very common complaint. Sensitivity can suddenly show up (or slowly creep up) as the result of so many factors. What you need to remember is that coming to see us is always an essential part of the process (and we are more than happy to help you). As for how to get going with stopping that sensitivity in its tracks, our advice is key!


What Your Snoring Might Be Saying

Picture this: it’s bedtime, and you are looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Even though you are not feeling quite as rested as usual these last few months, you know you are sleeping for 7 or 8 hours. Just as you are getting settled in, your sleep partner mentions the subject of snoring. Specifically, that your snoring has gotten louder, and you sometimes make a snorting or gasping sound while you sleep. What is your snoring trying to tell you, and what should you do about it? (more…)

Smile Project 2018 Q&A: What’s The Plan?

Are you excited about the fact that we are about to wave bye-bye to 2017 and welcome in 12 month of a completely clean slate? It’s always so refreshing to be able to feel the ability to start anew with everything! If this sensation applies to your smile, what types of changes or improvements do you have in mind? Are you happy that you can move forward with protecting your oral health and possibly beautifying your grin but you aren’t sure where to begin? Try our Q&A to get yourself headed in a very promising direction.