3 Worries Keeping You From Calling For A Visit

Do you feel as though what your smile needs is for you to contact our Grand Prairie, TX team quite soon, so you may schedule a dental checkup with us? Is this because you think something might be wrong with your smile or simply because you could really benefit from getting back into the swing of things with your preventive care? If the answer is yes but you have not yet picked that phone up, dialed our number, and followed through, then we wonder if you may have a common worry holding you back. We’d love to explore some, as we remind you that they’re unfounded! Let your worries go, no matter what they are, and come in for essential care!

#1: That You’ll Lose Your Tooth

You may worry that if you come in for a dental checkup with us, we will tell you that we need to remove a tooth that’s highly damaged or severely diseased. So, instead of letting us know about your very painful or obviously injured tooth, you just worry and feel like you should stay away. We remind you: Even if it turns out that you do need an extraction (which very well may not be the case), we’re not going to leave it at that! Instead, we will provide you with a means of replacing that tooth, such as with a dental implant, so you can get back to life with a full smile that’s much healthier! See? No problem.

#2: That It’s Been Far Too Long

You may worry that even though you’d like to call us to schedule a dental checkup because you obviously need dental care, it may have just been too long. It might have been a while since we diagnosed you with something that requires restorative care. It might have been years since your last visit. It might have been multiple decades. We understand that you’re worried about our reaction but we remind you that we will be very nice, gentle, compassionate, and will focus solely on helping you get your smile in lovely condition!

#3: That We’ll Say You’re Doing Something Wrong

There’s no need to worry that we may tell you that there’s some amount of improvement you could make to your dental care routine. We will be quite friendly about it! In addition, we won’t view it as a failure. Instead, we are simply happy to help you polish your care, so you can keep your smile in its best condition!

See Us For A Visit The Second You Need It

Avoid the desire to procrastinate or to decide that you’re not going to contact our team for a dental visit. Get in touch with us each and every time you think you need care, so you’re always protecting your smile. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.