Springtime Changes For Your Breath: What’s Happening?

You may have noticed recently that just as soon as springtime finally arrived, bringing with it a lovely seasonal transformation in Grand Prairie, TX, so did the arrival of your bad breath. Is it a coincidence you wonder? Or, is there some connection between the changing of the seasons and the sudden shift in your mouth? Let our team help you out with some simple, common issues that arise this time of year, so you can nip such concerns in the bud and get your breath back on track!

Allergies Are Causing Congestion

We realize you probably don’t need us to tell you this but … the pollen count is high in spring and allergy season is here. As for what this means for your breath, well, if you’re allergic to trees, grass, mold, flowers, and more, then you may end up congested. When you’re congested, you breathe through your mouth. This leads to dry mouth, which leads to bad breath. So, do what you can to keep allergies under control, so you may breathe comfortably through your nose!

Greater Activity Requires More Hydration

During checkups with us, you may notice that we often suggest drinking enough water! While this may be something you did throughout wintertime without a problem, you may be forgetting that as temps heat up and you become more active, you perspire more. As a result, you may be losing fluids faster than you notice, which can lead to dehydration, dry mouth, and bad breath. Take time to reflect on your water intake, how to improve things, and remember that getting sufficient H2O is good not only for improved breath but it is also essential for overall oral and general health!

Rushing Outside Means Skipped Hygiene Sessions

Where are you running off to so quickly? Yes, we know, the weather is exceptionally beautiful and is actually lining up with the arrival of spring! While every one of us wants to rush outside to enjoy the lovely temperatures and the beauty of our state, we also remind you that you shouldn’t let the promise of outdoor fun deter you from finishing your dental hygiene first. It takes just two minutes to brush each time you do so (morning and evening) and you just have to floss once a day! Set aside this little, tiny bit of time you need, so you can keep your smile free of the yucky bacteria that quickly build up, become immovable, and lead to bad breath. This way, you can enjoy a truly fresh spring!

Promote Better Breath With Our Help

Lean on the expertise of our dental team as we guide you through spring toward a healthy smile and equally wonderful breath. When bad breath hits and you need assistance, simply schedule a visit with us! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.