Sleep Apnea Awareness Month: When The Answer Is Yes

Learning that Sleep Apnea Awareness Month happens each March may stoke a bit of a fire for patients who have been wondering about this disorder. What is it that you haven’t followed through on learning about in regard to this issue that makes it nearly impossible to enjoy the sleep you want and need, our Grand Prairie, TX team wonders? To begin, we would love to offer you a quick dose of “yes” answers to questions we hear quite a lot at our practice. Then, of course, if you realize you really need time to sit down with us to learn more, we invite you to get in touch with us very soon!

Yes, It Can Happen To Kids

You may wonder if sleep apnea can happen to children. The answer is yes! This is one very important reason to begin and keep up with dental cleanings and checkups for your kids from the time they are quite young. When you do so, we can guide smile development, keep an eye out for related issues (such as orthodontic concerns), and suggest treatment along the way. In any case, if you are concerned that a sleep disorder may be affecting your child (perhaps your little one has been snoring), remember to mention this to our team.

Yes, It Might Go Unnoticed (So Don’t Skip Visits)

When we’re talking about awareness of sleep apnea, it’s often upsetting to learn that it’s so very easy to overlook the disorder when it’s happening to you. Of course, you will likely begin recognizing symptoms like feeling exhausted but you may also attribute those symptoms to a wide variety of other things. With this said, our team reminds you that a very good way to recognize this disorder in your own life without worrying about failing to notice it is to schedule your checkups and cleanings with us. It gives us the chance to explore your smile health, ask important questions, and reveal concerns before you realize they are happening.

Yes, It Is Just As Treatable As It Is Dangerous

We want you to remember that sleep apnea is very treatable and it’s actually usually very easy to treat. On the other hand, while it’s something we can absolutely help you control, if you ignore the issue, it can lead to grave consequences. Sure, you may not notice it at first but following through with treatment right away rather than waiting is to the benefit of your well being.

See Us For Sleep Apnea Care

When you have questions about sleep apnea or you think that you or a family member requires treatment, remember that the best first step is coming in to see us. Call our team soon to schedule a friendly visit! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.