“O” Words: Schedule A Visit If You Say These During Hygiene

There are some things that you shouldn’t be saying when you’re brushing and flossing your smile. Not because they’re “bad” words but because if they’re coming out of your mouth during dental hygiene, then it probably means you need a dental checkup! To make things easy, let our Grand Prairie, TX team begin by offering up some words that begin with the letter “O” as a means of helping you realize: When you need some help from our team, no matter how simple or serious, we are always happy to see you! So, don’t hesitate to call.

Oh No!

As you’re going merrily along, enjoying your dental hygiene experience but you suddenly yell out, “Oh no!” this often happens when you see something that you didn’t expect. Maybe you exclaim this brief phrase because you notice that your gums are bleeding. Perhaps you realize you have a sore. If you find that a visual change has occurred or you see some other apparent symptom of a possible oral health problem, don’t hide out. Bring it to our attention. Coming in for a dental checkup will solve everything!


Now, if you’re practicing your dental hygiene and you yell out, “Ouch!” that’s an entirely different story. We’re not talking about happening upon some visual difference you didn’t think you’d see. Instead, you feel pain. This sense of touch is letting you know that something is wrong and it can be anything from sensitivity to pain or even inflammation that feels uncomfortable. When this happens, call us. We can fix whatever is harming your smile, so your oral health is safe again.


If you find that you’re saying, “Oops!” once or even multiple times during a dental hygiene session, then we think you may need to ask us for some help. This is usually what you say when you’re messing something up on accident. Are you dropping your floss as you go? Are you noticing that you’re not getting your smile clean? Did you take a look at your toothbrush and realize it looks old? Ask us questions during your next dental checkup. We will be happy to help.

Come In For Visits When You Need Smile Care Support!

Whether you need help treating a particular problem or you simply need dental care assistance, we are here to take your call and offer support! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.