Brushing: Questions We Want You To Feel Okay Asking Us

We know that you may feel pretty good about asking questions when it comes to complicated topics like tooth decay, restorations, and more. However, we are also well aware that our patients frequently feel sheepish when they need to ask us a question about something that they view as “very basic.” One detail that you really need to know about and that is often the type of thing patients just can’t bear to bring up? Brushing! That’s right, one portion of your daily preventive care at home. We know you may feel sort of embarrassed since you’ve been brushing for many years! However, our Grand Prairie, TX team implores you: Please ask us if you have dental hygiene questions. We would love to answer them!

What Kind Of Brush Should I Get?

Yes, this is absolutely a question we would like for you to feel comfortable asking and no, we don’t mind if it’s something that you ask us more than once. It can be hard work finding a toothbrush that meets the important criteria (like, a brush that has been approved by the American Dental Association, one with soft bristles, and one that fits your mouth) and meets your preferences. Keep the conversation going with us as you try out different options and you will soon find your favorite kind.

Is My Brushing Working For Me?

You may wonder if your toothbrush is benefiting you. Even if you’re going through the motions of good cleaning, if your brush isn’t so great, you may be missing plaque or you may accidentally irritate your gums. We can help you break down the details to determine whether you may need a new toothbrush or a different type by talking this through with you during a checkup. Come on in and don’t be shy to bring up your dental hygiene!

Can You Actually Show Me What To Do?

Our team would absolutely be thrilled to show you how to correctly perform any part of your dental hygiene or even all of it! Sometimes, you just need a little bit of reassurance and what you want is a demo! How to make your strokes correctly, how to angle the brush, how to be thorough? We can help you with these details, so you can protect your oral health!

Get Your Brushing On Track By Asking Us For Help

Remember that you’re never too old to ask for help with your dental hygiene! Just let us know you have questions! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.