Bad Breath: Why It’s No Joking Matter!

Yes, you can certainly find yourself being teased a bit by a loved one if your breath is through-the-roof awful! While it’s funny if it’s just passing morning breath or you ate something very strong, it’s not so funny when the problem hangs around. We call this type of bad breath chronic and you may hear it referred to as halitosis. It’s not funny because it means there’s probably something wrong either with your approach to keeping your smile clean or you’ve got a problem with your smile health. We encourage you to find out what could be going on (and to do something about it … hint: come see us at our Grand Prairie, TX practice!) so you can get back to life with a healthy mouth.

You’re Short On Saliva

You need enough saliva in your mouth for lots of things. When you’re short on it (we call this dry mouth), you’re going to face problems. You might have trouble breaking down, chewing, swallowing, and even tasting your food. You will also find that you end up with a case of bad breath that just won’t leave no matter what you do to tackle it. You might not understand why this is happening at first but it’s a very simple reason: You’ve got bacteria in that mouth of yours. Your saliva flow is essential in sweeping them away throughout every single day. When you’re not getting that rush of fluid, they’re staying put. They’re hanging out. They’re populating your mouth. The more they collect, the worse your smile smells!

You’re Not Caring For Your Smile Well Enough

You might have bad breath because you’re just not doing a good enough job with caring for your oral health. Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you’re doing a bad job necessarily. It just means you’ve got a little bit of work to do. Make sure you can check off the following details:

  • You’re brushing twice every day
  • Your brushing sessions last for two minutes
  • You floss every day
  • You schedule and show up for visits for cleanings and checkups (every six months)
  • If you have any type of problems, such as cavities, you address them immediately (oral health problems can also cause bad odors)

Stop Covering Up Bad Breath And See Us Instead

Remember that when you cover up bad breath that won’t go away, you’re usually covering up an oral health problem. See our team soon, so we can fix all of it! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.