3 Times You’ll Be So Happy You Filled Your Cavity

There are times you find out that you have a cavity and, though our Grand Prairie, TX practice always tells you that your best bet is to fill it as soon as possible, you may feel like waiting. You might have lots and lots of reasons for this, however, the reason it’s smart to get a move on is the fact that the decay and side effects will only progress and cause you additional problems the longer you wait. To help you get a more detailed, realistic understanding regarding why you’ll want to schedule your dental filling ASAP, we offer up a few times you’ll be so happy you did! Think you’re ready for restorative care right now? Give us a call to schedule your filling!

#1: When You’re Headed Into The Friendly Skies

Flying can be fun and it always seems quite miraculous to be floating up with the clouds! However, you might not have such a friendly outlook anymore if you ignore your cavity and need for a filling before flying. When you’re up in the air, there’s a pressure change. These changes can mean extra pressure on your teeth. The result? A cavity that kind of hurt on the ground can become excruciating in the sky. Avoid an unpleasant experience by caring for your smile long before take off.

#2: When You’re About To Get Married

You can certainly prevent future cavities. However, since you’re planning for your future, you’re about to get married, and you already have a cavity, why not start off your newly married life with a clean slate? Here’s what can happen if you choose a dental filling with urgency: You won’t end up with any sudden severe pain during the ceremony and your honeymoon won’t include a need to rush to the dentist for a root canal because you waited too long. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Protect yourself when you have big events coming up by choosing restorative care first.

#3: When You’ve Got Quite A Big Cavity

You’ll be so very happy that you took care of your cavity with a dental filling if you discover that you have a big cavity. Why? Well, because if you don’t address it, you’re not going to have a big cavity anymore. You’re going to have destructive decay that requires a crown. Or a root canal with a crown. Or an extraction.

Protect Your Smile With An Urgent Filling

When you need a dental filling, take the time to come in as soon as you can, so you protect your smile and your happiness, too! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.