Q&A: What’s Up With My Teeth Bumps?

Do you stare at your smile in the mirror occasionally, noticing that when you look closely, your incisors have little bumps on them? If so, you may notice that there are three little protrusions that can make your teeth look toothed, if you will! While you’re probably not experiencing any problems with your oral health as a result, it’s entirely possible that you want to know why these bumps are there and you might wish they weren’t. No problem. We can answer your questions!

Questions and Answers

Question: So, are these bumps normal? I occasionally see them on other smiles but I usually notice that people’s tooth borders are nice and smooth.

Answer: This is entirely normal. The bumps are known as “mamelons.” They are there because they never wore away through natural wear and tear. When these teeth develop, they start off as three units with a lobe-like structure that bond into one. The chewing edge displays this fusion.

Question: Why didn’t my mamelons go away? Are you sure it has nothing to do with my oral health?

Answer: This does not point to a problem. It simply points to the fact that your teeth do not make the type of contact with one another that results in a wearing down process.

Question: So, if there’s nothing wrong with my oral health but I’m just not very fond of the ways the mamelons look, is there anything you can do to help me? Or, will I just need to learn to live with my smile as it is?

Answer: Of course we can help you. Generally speaking, we will gently buff away the appearance of grooves for you with the use of dental contouring. However, we may also discuss other cosmetic care options to ensure you’re receiving the finished look you desire.

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