Your Dental Sedation Guide

womanrelaxedsunflowersHave you discovered that we offer dental sedation, which gives you a moment of peace? However, is that wonderful moment followed by the realization that you’re not exactly sure which type of sedation we offer (and the fact that you don’t know a thing about different sedation options, anyway)? No worries! We understand that especially for patients already experiencing dental anxiety, approaching this topic can make one feel a little uneasy. To give you the rundown on what’s what at our practice, so you can enjoy a calm visit, we offer you our quick guide!

The Details On Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a gentle option. It’s a gas that you will inhale, so you don’t need to worry about needles if the thought of injections bothers you. The dental sedation option is sweet-smelling and you will breathe it in easily through a mask that you’ll wear over your nose. You can expect feelings of calm (and some even experience a sense of euphoria) to get you through your visit without anxiety.

The Essentials On Oral Sedation

The next sedation option you can expect comes in the form of Valium. If you’re not familiar, this is a type of dental sedation that you will take by mouth. It’s a pill you will swallow before your visit or procedure. Valium is a tranquilizing medicine, which relaxes your nerves. As a result, you will experience a deep sense of calm. This is another injection-free solution.

The Basics On IV Sedation

For your most tranquil experience possible (like the other forms of dental sedation, this will help you relax without causing you to fall asleep), choose IV sedation. Fortunately, you can expect to feel very relaxed. It’s not uncommon to discover after your visit that you’ve forgotten most or all of it due to the sedative. (Note: We administer this type through a very small needle).