Stop These Habits To Stop Serious Smile Consequences

There are some habits you might partake in that may not seem like a bad idea on the surface but that may actually guide you toward some serious damage or danger to your oral health! However, if you are looking at them as “neutral” actions, you are not very likely to sort this one out on your own. That’s where our Grand Prairie, TX team comes in! We’ve got our finger on the pulse of dental care confusion (we have daily conversations with lots of dental patients, after all), which means we can often provide you with information you didn’t even know you needed! Let’s get started with some common habits to avoid!

Snacking We Suggest Against

You know that there’s some snacking that can be really hard on your teeth. And your jaw joints, too! You’ve heard us warn you against it before. In summary, if it’s very hard, too crunchy, too sticky, and takes a long time or a lot of pressure to get through, it’s not a smart selection for your oral health. You may end up with damaged teeth as a result of it. Or, you may stress out and exhaust your TMJs until you end up with or worsen TMJ disorder. Eat foods that are easier on your smile!

Leaving Teeth Coated In Sugars And Acids

You may not really think about this one, until we bring it up (which is why we are mentioning it, of course)! When you eat or drink something that’s sugary or full of carbs, you’re coating your smile. These particles feed bacteria, which leads to an acid attack in your mouth! That is, unless you remember to rinse. All it takes is rinsing with water, so you flush your oral environment, remove the food or drink remnants from your smile, and avoid problems like tooth decay!

Chewing On Objects

What are you mindlessly chewing on that you’re not recognizing? Are you someone who concentrates while chewing on the side of your pencil? Do you tend to find that you’re moving the rings on your fingers around with your teeth? Whatever your little habit, remember that it’s bad for your oral health. You’re promoting bruxism disorder and TMJ disorder and can even damage your teeth with those awkward motions and repeated movements, so do your best to push them to the side.

Maintain Good Habits For Good Oral Health

Talk with us about your usual daily habits, if you are dealing with any sort of oral health problem or if you are simply interested in doing all that you can through optimal dental care! See us for a checkup soon. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.