Your Checkup: 4 Extremely Beneficial Factors!

Are you aware of just how important it is for you to come in to see our Grand Prairie, TX team for your dental checkups? Do you really understand what goes on and why we encourage you to set up these appointments once every six months, meaning you come in for prevention with our smiling faces twice a year? If you understand, of course, that prevention is essential in order to keep your smile healthy but you’re not really sure about what makes checkups an integral part of the process or what to expect, then stick around! We’d love to explain.

#1: Digital Imaging

When you see us for your dental checkup, remember that we are going to take a very detailed look at your smile by relying on X-rays. If you shudder to think of conventional X-rays you have had before, we are pleased to remind you that these are probably not what you remember. There’s no film. There’s not really any processing time. There aren’t any uncomfortable aspects either. There’s just comfortable, quick imaging, thanks to today’s digital technology! We will quickly gather images, which we can then show you on a computer screen!

#2: Time To Talk

Remember that when you’re sitting at home and you start wondering about absolutely any aspect of your smile, your oral health, etc., you don’t have to wonder about these things forever. They’re items you should put on a list that you can then bring with you to your next dental checkup! Your visits are wonderful times with which to bring up questions, voice opinions, and explore your smile more with our team.

#3: A Visual Inspection

Of course, we don’t rely solely on digital X-rays during your dental checkups with us. We also take a look at your smile with just our eyes, too, as we talk with you about your oral health. You can enjoy knowing that we can provide you with a thorough explanation of how you’re doing and anything that requires improvement (and how to make that happen).

#4: Consistent Monitoring Of Your Smile

So you think to yourself, you understand the details of what makes a dental checkup what it is, but why do you need it twice throughout each year? Well, because changes happen, oftentimes without you realizing it. When we fix these shifts (whether it includes bruxism, decay, etc.) we can more easily stay ahead of damage, so you can maintain a healthy smile!

Make Time For Dental Checkups

Don’t fall behind with your preventive dental care, which offers you exceptional smile protection! Instead, remember to keep up with the easy-to-remember twice-annual dental checkups and cleanings with us! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.