Discomfort: When It’s Occurring And What To Do! 

When you realize that you’re experiencing discomfort associated with any aspect of your smile, your first thought is probably that something is wrong with your oral health. While this isn’t the nicest of thoughts, you are probably correct! The good news in the midst of this not-so-lovely news? Our Grand Prairie, TX practice provides our patients with an extraordinarily thorough selection of dental treatments, which means whatever is going on is something we can fix! That is, only if you come in for a dental visit, so we can diagnose the concern, offer advice, and select the appropriate treatment. For now, let’s narrow down some common occurrences, as we remind you it’s always best to see us!

When You’re Brushing And Flossing

If you are dealing with discomfort when you brush or floss your smile, this means you should set up time to meet with our team. Why? Well, dental care is supposed to feel perfectly fine. It might not feel amazing or pleasing but it shouldn’t feel bad either. Pain generally indicates a problem that requires a professional diagnosis and treatment, so your care stops feeling bad!

When You’re Eating

Do your teeth hurt when you’re eating? You may be dealing with sensitivity or with serious pain. In any case, you may have a cavity, eroded enamel, an infection, or even irritation! To find out and to feel better, come in!

When You’re Just Living Life

Are you dealing with any type of discomfort throughout the day that continues to impact your smile, whether you’re just at rest, sleeping, working, talking, etc.? Whether it’s a toothache, uncomfortable gums, a sore, sensitivity, or anything else, remember that you should not shrug it off. Come in for a dental visit, tell us what’s going on, and we will help solve (and address) the mystery.

When You’re Biting Into Resistant Foods

If your problem isn’t that your teeth hurt in any way but that when you sink your teeth into any type of even slightly resistant food (such as something that’s hard, tough, or chewy), your jaw joints hurt or feel strange, remember: This isn’t normal! It might be a sign of temporary strain or it may be connected with a TMJ disorder problem you didn’t realize you were dealing with. If you notice any type of discomfort with your jaw joints, whether during specific moments or throughout the day, always remember to contact us for a dental visit! Fortunately, we offer treatment, should you need it.

See Us When Discomfort Occurs

Don’t ignore discomfort, whether it’s an isolated occurrence or something that’s persistent throughout the day. Contact our team just as soon as you recognize this symptom to schedule a checkup! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.