Teeth Whitening: Just Imagine…

Sometimes, it’s easy to think about the fact that you’d like to receive some type of cosmetic treatment from us and to put all of your attention into learning about the details of the procedure, after care, and more. As a result, you can accidentally lose some of your excitement in regard to getting started because your bogged down with clinical particulars. However, our Grand Prairie, TX team reminds you that if you take just a moment to imagine the ways teeth whitening will brighten up your life, you’ll have that drive back and you’ll be ready to see us in no time!

Imagine Your New Smile (Then Zoom Out)

We encourage you to begin, as you start shifting your focus back to what you can expect from teeth whitening, to imagine your smile. What might it look like with stains and discoloration gone? Visualize a realistic white shade and try to really think about how it would feel for that to be your new grin! Now, take a moment to zoom out a bit and instead of just imagining your smile in isolation, visualize your whole face. What does a whiter smile do for your overall appearance? Do you feel like it brightens up your face? Does it motivate you to make other changes? This is a very simple yet impactful improvement!

Imagine Talking Closely With Others

Now, you may wish to place yourself within the context of social situations. Imagine your smile is much whiter, thanks to teeth whitening, and you’re speaking in close proximity to another person. How does this usually make you feel? Before cosmetic care, do you feel a little bit like you’d like to hide your teeth during conversations? Do you find ways to do so? Perhaps you try not to think about it but whether you’re speaking with friends, loved ones, colleagues, etc. you’re always somewhat aware of the fact that you wish your smile looked whiter and you wonder if others are staring! Good news: This feeling will be gone after whitening!

Imagine Yourself In Photos!

Next, go ahead and imagine what it usually feels like when you see a photograph of yourself. Are you always fairly happy but when you realize how dim your smile is, you feel bothered by it? Come on in soon for teeth whitening! Your selfies, candids, and more will finally make you feel good about your appearance!

See Our Team For Whitening Soon

When you’re ready for teeth whitening, we remind you to take time not only to visit us to learn about the specifics but also to envision yourself with a whiter smile. Like what you’re imagining? Call us soon! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.