Emergency Dental Care: Answering Your Worried Inquiries!

We know that you might not feel completely comfortable contacting our Grand Prairie, TX practice for an emergency dental visit. We know that you could have a really serious problem on your hands and even then, still feel as though maybe you should just ride it out and wait until you can see us for a regularly scheduled visit. To help alleviate your worry and instead, help you feel confident about letting us know when you require urgent help for your oral health, we address common questions!

Are You Going To Be Annoyed With Me?

No way! Why would we be annoyed? The reason that our practice provides emergency dental care is because sometimes you need it. We don’t want to find out that you have an issue that we could have fixed, if only you had access to dental care when you required it. Instead, we would like to know that you have access to us whenever you need us, so we can keep your smile healthy and safe 24/7. We know that life is sometimes a little bit messy and a little bit unpredictable, so let us help!

What If It’s Not As Bad As I Think?

You may wonder: What if you think you have an abscess, you rush in for an emergency dental visit, but it turns out that you just have a cavity that is feeling very uncomfortable or even an extremely sensitive tooth? Remember: In addition to doing our best to keep your oral health on track, we also offer emergency services to keep you out of pain. If you’re dealing with severe discomfort and it turns out things are actually not that bad, it’s okay! We will always take your call, consider what might be going on, and see you just in case. It’s better to find out that you’re actually okay than to ignore a serious problem that requires immediate care! The old adage, “it is better to be safe than sorry” certainly applies here.

Should I Just Try To Fix It On My Own?

You might find yourself in something of a pickle. You feel like you should probably contact us for an emergency dental visit. However, it’s for something that you think you may be able to address on your own, if only you try hard enough. Maybe you have food stuck between your teeth, it hurts, you cannot get it out with floss or brushing or rinsing, but you figure you could probably find another way. Our answer to your question is always going to be: No! Don’t try to play dentist. Call us!

Use Our Emergency Care When You Need It

Don’t feel like you shouldn’t make use of the emergency dental care services we offer. Instead, get in touch with us as soon as possible if you experience any type of smile trauma or issue that requires immediate attention. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.