Tips: Rushing When You’re Brushing (And Flossing)

Are you rushing when you’re brushing? Flossing, too? Are you aware that this is actually a major problem if your goal is to feel certain that you’re practicing excellent dental hygiene and that it will yield successful results for your smile health? While you may have a hard time understanding why going as quickly as you can is a negative (and while you may feel really unsure about how to slow yourself down), our Grand Prairie, TX team can help you. Clearly see the error of your ways, why it’s a big deal, and how to slow down with simple tips!

Tip: Remember, Rushing Means Poor Plaque Removal

Simply put, remember that rushing when you brush and floss means you’re not removing as much buildup as you could if you were going at a better pace with your dental hygiene. This means you’ll leave organic food content and plaque behind. You can probably guess what this means! The plaque will harden, your smile will become more susceptible to issues like cavities, and you won’t be enjoying the optimal results you were hoping for.

Tip: Remember, Rushing Means Possible Damage

The reason you’re brushing and flossing isn’t so that you can damage your teeth, is it? Of course not! This is one reason we know you will be upset if you never slow down if you’re rushing. When you rush, you may scrape your enamel or you might cause some damage to your gum tissue. Why? Well, because rushing usually means harsh movements and excess pressure. So, slow, slow, slow down!

Tip: Remember, Use A Timer!

Remember that we tell everyone under the sun to use a timer! What kind, you ask? Well, it can be anything at all that helps you easily determine when you’ve been brushing for a total of two minutes. Maybe it’s a two-minute song. Maybe it’s an old-fashioned sand timer. Perhaps it’s a clock, your watch, a timer on your phone, or anything else! As long as it’s not you trying to count off the seconds in your mind as you brush, the implementation of a time-keeping tool will offer exceptional help for slowing down and practicing effective dental hygiene.

Tip: Remember, Plan Ahead For Smile Care

Instead of frantically blowing through brushing and flossing, plan the day ahead. Ask yourself what time you have to get up, get ready for bed, etc., to ensure you have time set aside for a full dental hygiene session.

Develop Better Hygiene Habits

When you know your dental hygiene habits could be much better but you’re having a hard time making changes or identifying problems, come in to see us. Remember that we can offer lots of advice during checkups! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.