Would A Powered Toothbrush Be A Good Change?

There are a lot of debatable questions you will encounter throughout a lifetime. Some bring with them deep philosophical factors that can make it difficult to ever come to a conclusion. Then, of course, there are those uncertainties like the following: Would it be a good idea to change over to a powered toothbrush? Or not? While this doesn’t come with a hard and fast “yes” or “no,” it is most certainly a dental hygiene topic our Grand Prairie, TX team can clear up on your behalf, so there’s no more wondering about which way to go.

If Your Hands Need Some Assistance

One of the primary reasons you will hear about in terms of needing to change from the use of a manual toothbrush to one that is powered is when it makes your physical experience with dental hygiene much easier. From simple strain or injury to long-standing issues with inflammation or other physical challenges, one thing is certain: An electric brush is going to give your hands, arms, and more a break, so give it a try!

If Your Gums Are Reacting To Hard Brushing

Patients frequently assume hard brushing is best. However, it’s actually a soft touch and thorough care that gives you the results you want from dental hygiene. If trying to relax and brush more gently proves too counterintuitive for you, then a powered brush may be to your benefit. Carefully directing it over your smile is easy to do and may help you keep your gums out of harm’s way.

If You Would Love To Try One

We remind patients that it’s okay to try something that has been given our seal of approval if you’re simply interested! When it comes to something like an electric toothbrush, if your goal is simply to make your dental hygiene even better or more exciting, then go for it! You can either keep up with the powered version if you enjoy it or go back to your manual brush if you realize that the electric one just isn’t for you.

If You Want Help With Plaque Removal

The simple fact is that powered brushes create lots of strokes. A lot more in one minute than you can create. So, if you feel like you could use some assistance in removing plaque, making the switch is a good choice.

Run Smile Ideas Past Us

When you have an idea for your smile health but you aren’t sure about what to think, run your thoughts past us during a dental checkup. Whether it’s about products or technique, we can always offer our two cents! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.