Things To Remember This Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, you want to be swept away by love and romance and simply enjoy yourself! However, for those patients of our Grand Prairie, TX team who take their oral health very seriously, this can become quite difficult! Every offer of dessert, wine, and more feels like being bombarded with temptation that could lead to smile health problems. What to do, you wonder? Give in and enjoy? Stay the course? Fortunately, we can help you find a happy medium, so you protect those oral tissues of yours without having to sacrifice a lovely holiday experience!

Enjoy Yourself!

Our team wants you to be able to enjoy life and enjoy moments, such as holidays, without feeling like you cannot indulge from time to time. Don’t assume that we look down at patients who eat chocolates on Valentine’s Day, etc.! Instead, realize that our goal is simply to help inform you, so you may make educated decisions for yourself and so that you may keep your smile on the road toward continued oral health even when you delight in sweets!

Rinse, Rinse, And Rinse

You might have some very exciting plans for yourself today! While we have already encouraged you to enjoy it, we remind you that there’s a very easy way to do so without feeling stressed. If you indulge in anything that’s not great for your oral health, don’t get flustered. Instead, keep in mind that rinsing with water after snacks and meals (and even beverages) will help flush your smile. It will minimize possible damage not only by rinsing tissues clean but also by helping to get your mouth back to a neutral state. Easy (just keep some water nearby)!

Don’t Skip Dental Hygiene Sessions

It’s easy to think that you’ve already broken so many rules when it comes to what is good for your smile (and not so good) that skipping your dental hygiene cannot possibly make things any worse. However, that’s the exact opposite of what you should be thinking in terms of your oral health care! Remember: Hygiene is your key to reversing any not-so-ideal choices you make for your grin. When you rinse, then brush, you remove sugars and carbs and acids that can lead to problems like cavities! When you floss, you remove the stuff that your brush didn’t catch between teeth and beneath your gumline. Absolutely make sure to follow through with brushing and flossing today! It’s worth it!

Promote A Healthy Smile On Valentine’s Day!

Don’t worry about your smile this Valentine’s Day or during any other holiday. Instead, take our advice for the steps you need in order to enjoy yourself, while sticking to guidelines to protect your oral health! Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.