Find Out How A Contouring Treatment Can Improve How You Look

Excessively bulky or uneven gum tissue has the potential to create real trouble for your appearance when you smile. It may seem odd to single out a smile flaw that is unrelated to your teeth, but the issue is one that can affect many people. In these situations, a gum contouring treatment can be recommended to help you even out your gums. Your dentist can also perform a tooth contouring treatment, an approach used when someone has a tooth – or teeth – that need to be reduced in size. Dental contouring is also effective for evening out a tooth that appears jagged, or slanted.

Contouring Can Precisely Address Issues That Affect The Look Of Your Smile

Because your appearance is affected so much by the evenness and consistency of your smile, one flawed tooth can have a remarkable effect on how you look. If the problem you face involves a tooth that is uneven, or simply too large, contouring work can lead to real results. This procedure can be performed alone, but many patients who come in for cosmetic dental work will undergo contouring and bonding. Bonding involves the application of composite resin to a tooth, which covers up damages, discoloration, and other issues.

Why A Gum Contouring Treatment Might Be The Right Solution For Your Smile Concerns

Advancements in the field of dentistry have included improvements in the way a gum contouring treatment is performed. With a soft-tissue laser, your dentist can make more precise changes to your gum tissue, and you can require less time to recover. By contouring your gums, you can make teeth appear longer. You can also balance out bulky or uneven tissue, a problem that can throw off your smile.

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