FAQs: Toothpaste Without Waste

You don’t want to find out that you’re using far too little toothpaste which, in the end, means you’ve almost wasted your brushing session because you didn’t get enough on the brush or on your teeth! You also don’t want to find out that you’re using way too much, which means you may very well be blowing through many more tubes than you need to in a given month (which means creating waste and spending extra money). We can clear up the details in a second, so you know your toothpaste use during dental hygiene is right on track!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’m pretty sure I read somewhere to use a “grain of rice” measurement of toothpaste for brushing. Is this ever right?

Answer: Yes but it is not ever for adults! This is the measurement of toothpaste that you should be using for your child’s dental hygiene session but only if your child is zero to three years of age.

Question: So, how much should kids four and older use? Is this the same for adults when it comes to twice-a-day dental hygiene?

Answer: Children four years of age and older and adults should squeeze a blob of toothpaste onto the head of their toothbrushes that comes out the rough equivalent of a “pea” size. So, that’s a dab. Not any more than that! It may be hard to believe if you’ve always used more but with hygiene for your smile, more is not always better.

Question: I’ve always thought that the guideline was to cover the full length of the head of my brush with paste. Is this really too much for effective dental hygiene?

Answer: It really is. You may be using as much as two to three times the amount of toothpaste you actually need for effective cleansing! Scale back and you’ll see, the results are A-OK.

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