Dental Extraction Q&A: What Happens Next?

Have you made peace with the fact that you need a dental extraction for your smile but you still have some unresolved feelings about what’s going to happen after the tooth removal is complete? If you have not yet asked your questions about aftercare and what will happen once the site is healed, we are pleased to offer answers to common questions. For any inquiries that remain, please get in touch with us ASAP!

Questions and Answers

Question: What happens immediately after my dental extraction? Can I just drive myself home? Will you tell me what to do, so I can care for the extraction site?

Answer: If you’ve received nitrous oxide, then you’ll be able to drive yourself home once it wears off (which is pretty quickly). However, if you receive oral sedation, you will need a ride home. We will send you on your way with thorough instructions for aftercare (don’t worry, recovery is not too challenging).

Question: What happens next if I receive a dental extraction for a damaged or diseased tooth? Do I need to go elsewhere to figure out how to replace my missing tooth?

Answer: Nope! We offer dentures, partials, bridges, and dental implants at our practice. Before your extraction, we will discuss your options and decide on a plan for replacing the tooth when you are ready.

Question: How long am I going to have to avoid my usual eating or brushing habits after the dental extraction?

Answer: In most instances, you’ll need to avoid using a straw with your beverages, eating on that side of your mouth, brushing the area, etc. for about one full day.

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