Toothbrush Misconceptions: Clearing Up The Details

What types of things do you rely on your toothbrush to do for you? You know that it can’t do your laundry or help you make a sandwich. However, are you fully aware of its purpose as well as its limitations? If not, you may find yourself in some dangerous waters, dealing with the oral health side effects of expecting too much from your brush! We can help you avoid such a dilemma by clearing up some misconceptions patients often find themselves believing about dental hygiene.

Misconceptions and Truths

Misconception: You can reverse hygiene-related diseases by deciding to completely commit yourself to the dental hygiene we suggest.

Truth: Unfortunately, once a hygiene-related disease has begun to take place, it’s not something anyone can reverse with preventive care. This means that even if you start brushing with amazing dedication, the problem will continue. You’ll need professional treatment to resolve the problem.

Misconception: You can whiten your smile by yourself if you choose to combine your toothbrush with whitening toothpaste (brushing consistently to remove stains).

Truth: Your toothbrush is wonderful at cleaning your teeth. It can even remove stain-causing particles to help prevent discoloration. However, it can’t remove the stains that are causing teeth to appear yellowed or darkened. Only coming in for something like teeth whitening will solve this esthetic concern.

Misconception: You only need to floss your smile if you aren’t good as slipping your toothbrush between your teeth and behind back teeth.

Truth: It’s easy to get carried away and assume you can just become an amazing toothbrush wielder, able to clean between your teeth without floss. However, this won’t work. So, keep that dental floss handy and make sure you use it once daily, so your dental hygiene actually works.

Learn The Best Way To Approach Your Needs During Checkups

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