Answers To Your Flossing Questions

You might have just one flossing question or perhaps many. Whether it’s one or 20, the best thing to do with those little uncertainties of yours is to bring them to our attention. Why so, you wonder? Well, when you ignore them, you may be doing quite a disservice to your smile. When you’re missing some essential dental hygiene details, you may skip over plaque or debris. However, when you floss correctly, you keep your oral health safe. Let’s ensure you know for sure that you’re making wise decisions, so you feel optimistic about the outcome.

Questions and Answers

Question: When is the best time of day to floss my smile? During my morning dental hygiene session? Or the one in the evening?

Answer: This is perhaps a bit of a trick question because neither is better than the other. Whether you choose to floss in the morning or evening is entirely your choice. Which one do you prefer? Rely on the answer to that question to make your final decision.

Question: When should I be flossing my smile during the dental hygiene session that I choose? Right before I brush? Or immediately after I brush? I’m never sure which one is going to be the most effective.

Answer: You may floss before you brush your teeth. Or, you may floss after you brush your teeth. Again, you’re not going to make a misstep here.

Question: What if I need to floss my smile more than once per day? Let’s say I’ve eaten bread, candy, or something else that I’m sure is stuck between my teeth. Is it okay to floss more frequently if it seems necessary?

Answer: You may most certainly floss again if you feel it is necessary. Just remember that delicate, thorough care is where it’s at!

Keep Your Flossing Effective With Our Help

Ask us your dental hygiene questions when they pop up, so we can help you ensure you’re doing a fantastic job. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.