3 Ways To Get Your Calcium

If you don’t think you’re getting as much calcium as you need for your dental health, then you probably aren’t completely certain about your available sources. While a supplement store is certainly going to help, it’s not the only option on the list! Take a moment to learn more about how to get as much of this mineral as your body requires (which is somewhere around 1,000 mg daily but you should check in with your physician for specifics).

#1: From Natural Sources

Some of the foods you eat are packed with calcium! (Or, some of the foods you avoid but think you should probably start eating are packed with it, anyway). Remember that whole foods are generally full of vitamins, minerals, and the nutrients your body needs to stay nice and healthy (which in turn helps protect your dental health). As for calcium, you can find it naturally occurring in may foods, such as dairy products, spinach, almonds, beans, and more!

#2: From Fortified Foods

When you’re shopping and reaching for your usual foods, see if there’s a “calcium fortified” option. This means that the food has been enriched with this mineral that’s so important for your dental health. Turn a package over and check out the calcium content. You’ll find that it is often present in foods that don’t naturally contain it and they have been added for your benefit.

#3: From Supplements

There are a lot of supplemental options out there. Before you reach for just any bottle labeled “calcium,” you should speak directly with our team and probably with your family doctor, too, so you’re making good choices for your body instead of risky ones! Of course, this solution can help with your intake, too.

Choose Calcium To Maintain Healthy Teeth

Learn about how to best provide your body with calcium, so your oral health has the chance to remain nice and strong. Set up an appointment in Grand Prairie, TX by contacting your dentist at Pecan Tree Dental to schedule a visit at (972) 262-5111.