Fast Facts: Attention All GERD Sufferers!

Good, now that we’ve got your attention, we have some serious stuff to talk over with you. Did you know that GERD can cause problems for your oral health? If not, we need to fill you in a bit more on some important details. The good news is that you can treat the issue, you can prevent damage, and you can continue smiling your beautiful, healthy smile. Get to the heart of the matter with some fast facts (and give us a call if you’re ready for assistance).

GERD Sends Acid Where It Doesn’t Belong

If you’re new to learning about GERD, let’s make sure you get the main problem. There are acids in your stomach that help you digest food. They should stay in there. However, sometimes they leak out when a group of muscles at the base of your esophagus relax.

Displaced Acids Can Erode Your Teeth

Acids can travel surprisingly far! When they make their way out of your stomach, they can splash up into your esophagus. Then, of course, reflux can also include acid that then splashes into your mouth, which may erode your dental tissue (a serious oral health problem).

Displaced Acids Can Cause Additional Issues

As you may have imagined, acid can cause more than just erosion. Other oral health issues may include bad breath, irritated soft tissues, and a foul taste in your mouth.

Your Doctor Can Help

Your doctor can help by explaining GERD to you, figuring out the source of the problem, offering lifestyle suggestions, and providing effective treatment.

We Can Help, Too

Once you have the issue under control, you can talk with us about how it has affected (or might affect) your oral health. We can then provide any necessary treatments or assist you in avoiding damage.

Protect Your Smile From Acid Erosion

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