Improving Denture Stability

If you have full or partial dentures, you may have experienced some minor concerns with stability over the course of your wear. While they help you eat and speak with ease, they can also cause you to have an occasional moment of worry when they feel like they’re slipping. Fortunately, we have some helpful advice for making sure they stay in place, so you can enjoy life without stressing about your smile.

Have Your Dentures Checked

If your full or partial dentures gave you little to no trouble for a while but suddenly they’re slipping quite a bit, you may simply need a dental checkup. If your denture is no longer fitting as it once did, a repair or replacement may solve your dilemma. Not sure if your denture is still fitting correctly or if any damage has occurred? Call us to schedule a quick visit to find out!

Try Adhesive

When you just need a little bit of improvement in the stability department, we suggest you visit the drugstore to pick up some denture adhesive. It offers a stronger hold when the suction in your mouth isn’t giving you the predictability you want.

Change To Implant-Retained Dentures

If you’re currently wearing full or partial dentures that are in place with traditional support (no implants) the you might consider changing to implant-supported dentures. Why? Well, they offer exceptional stability. You won’t have any slippage to worry about because your prosthetic will fit securely over a few carefully placed implant posts.

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