Q&A: Keeping Your Dental Implants Safe

Yay! You think to yourself. I’m so in love with the idea of receiving dental implants! Then, just as quickly as you felt on top of the world, you may have noticed that you pulled your head out of the clouds and your dreams came crashing down around you. Wait a second … will they be difficult to protect? If this is the concern that followed your initial excitement, rest assured, you’re not the only patient to feel such highs and lows in researching implants. Fortunately, you will soon learn that keeping implants safe is very easy.

Questions and Answers

Question: Do I need to do something very different to keep my smile healthy after dental implants? What is my new care system going to look like?

Answer: You’re not going to need to make changes. Your care system is going to look pretty identical to what you’ve already been doing and using. You need toothpaste, a soft-bristle toothbrush, and dental floss. The usual dental hygiene guidelines still apply.

Question: Am I going to have to be very careful with the foods I eat once I receive dental implants to avoid damaging them?

Answer: One of the most wonderful thing about implants is that they are so exceptionally similar to your natural teeth. As a result, barring any unusually tough or very hard foods, you can eat whatever you wish.

Question: I keep hearing the dental implants can last forever. Is this actually true? How can I make them last as long as possible?

Answer: This is no myth or urban legend! It’s absolutely true that implants can stand the test of time. All you have to do is keep being a great patient by caring for your smile in your home and remembering to schedule your dental checkups and cleanings with our practice.