Little Tiny Spaces: How To Deal

Are you troubled by your smile because of little spaces? Perhaps you have a tiny gap between two teeth that you wish you could fix, so your smile looked lovelier. Maybe you have a few spaces that drive you crazy in part because you find them unsightly and also because when you eat, food often gets stuck in there. When you’re not dealing with an allover misalignment concern but you are tired of these spaces, we can help you with cosmetic dentistry.

When You Might Want Bonding

You might want bonding when the only thing you’re frustrated with is one space or a few spaces but you are satisfied with the other esthetic details of your smile. When you choose this cosmetic dentistry treatment, you can think of it as a spot treatment. We can fill in those gaps between your teeth, so when you smile, it looks like all of your neighboring teeth are flush with one another. No more unsightly gaps or frustrating trapped food.

When Veneers Are A Better Plan

Maybe you are displeased with the spaces in your smile but you are also unhappy with some other details, such as yellowing, tooth length, issues with texture, etc. If this is the case, it might be better to choose veneers. This cosmetic dentistry treatment can fill spaces (the veneer will be slightly wider than your tooth, thereby filling the gap), address discoloration (we will customize the color), camouflage problems with texture, and even improve tooth length for a prettier smile.