A White Smile For A Spring Wedding

Spring is quickly approaching and you may be realizing that wedding season is on its way, too. Are you going to be a bride? A groom? A bridesmaid? A guest? Whatever the case, when you’re headed out to such a happy, love-filled event, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your smile is going to look okay in person (and in pictures). When teeth whitening is necessary, you may also find yourself worrying about whether there’s still time to brighten up that grin. Good news: There is!

Come In Now, Not Later

If you are already expecting to attend a wedding or other event for which you would love a glittering smile, now is the time to come in to see us. We encourage you to get a cosmetic consultation on the books immediately to avoid a last minute stressful rush. We can determine whether teeth whitening is, in fact, the best choice. Or, we might find that planning for bonding or veneers is what your smile requires.

Your Whitening Choices

Fortunately, you have some options if teeth whitening is the right choice for your smile. If you have the time, you may choose in-home whitening, which takes a brief two weeks to complete for a dramatic improvement. Or, if you need quick whitening with equally impressive results, we also offer Zoom! Whitening (which means you get your whiter, dazzling smile in just an hour and our team provides the treatment for you). The sooner you come see us, the easier it will be to make a choice and ensure your smile is ready for spring.