Teeth Whitening: Let’s Talk Basics

smileblondewhitebkgrndWhen you don’t like the way your smile looks because of the shade of your teeth, it’s time you turn to professional dental care. Fortunately, a major benefit of cosmetic care is the fact that it offers a multitude of ways to address discolored teeth, so you can enjoy a white smile. As you might have guessed, a common method of making this improvement is relying on teeth whitening. If you’re new to this treatment, we encourage you to get started by learning about the basics. Of course, it’s also a good plan to schedule a consultation, too!

What It’s All About

Your teeth are porous, which means the stains that you’re seeing when you look at photos or look in the mirror are not all accumulating on surface of your teeth. Instead, they can take place deeper within tooth tissue. The result? You can’t get rid of them with brushing. Fortunately, you can get rid of them with teeth whitening, provided they aren’t deep stains (we offer alternatives to deal with such an issue). Whitening removes the stains by moving deeper within tooth tissue, where the bleaching gel essentially causes stains to dissolve.

What You Can Choose

There’s more than one choice when you are ready for teeth whitening, which makes brightening your grin even more convenient than it already is to do so. First, if you would prefer to whiten on your own, you may choose take-home trays. You’ll receive all the products you need to whiten your smile over the course of around two weeks. Or, you may come in for Zoom! Whitening (an in-office process). We will whiten your teeth in just under one hour!