Flossing Rumors Q&A: Do I Need To Do It?

qaskyWhen you hear even the tiniest rumor that you might not need to floss your smile to protect your oral health (yes, you read that right: It is only a rumor) you may be ready to toss out the floss and throw a party! However, before you get too excited and quickly find yourself back in the dental hygiene aisle repurchasing your floss, we encourage you to consider some very important information on the topic. We’ve got the essential details covered with a brief yet enlightening Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Flossing

Question: I read that I don’t need to floss anymore and I read it from what I consider a reliable source. So, why do I have to keep flossing?

Answer: You need to keep flossing because we see firsthand evidence on a daily basis (and over the course of time) that it does, in fact, protect your oral health. Keep in mind that reports come and go and are often based on incomplete or faulty research.

Question: As you noted, I would be very happy if I no longer had to floss my smile anymore. Is there something I can do to make it less distasteful?

Answer: Yes. You can do a lot of things! Consider the following: You may ask us for some help when you’re in our practice, so we can make sure you’re doing it accurately and as comfortably and efficiently as possible. You can change the variety of floss that you use until you find one that actually pleases you (if you don’t like what you’re using, test out new options).

Question: What should I do in the future if I hear other rumors about oral health care that seem true?

Answer: It’s always the wisest choice to come to us with your questions. We can either verify or deny the accuracy of the information and explain the reasons why.