Fillings: 3 Ways To Remain Positive

womanthumbsuptankWhen you find out that you need a dental filling, even if you know it’s a wonderful way to make your smile healthy again, you might have some trouble remaining positive about your visit. In fact, some patients become overwhelmed and end up canceling their appointments. Sadly, this can lead to some consequences that could have easily been avoided! The wonderful news is that we can help you feel extremely positive about taking care of your tooth decay with some simple suggestions.

#1: Remember That They’re Quick

Don’t fret over your dental filling, worrying that it’s going to be an all day affair. It’s not. Fixing your tooth once decay has affected it may require an hour of your time or less. It’s important to remember that this is a treatment we provide every day to multiple people. Just ask around. You will quickly see that most people you speak with will have a filling or two, too!

#2: Remember That They Look Great

If you think of dental fillings and instantly remember the smiles of people with metal fillings, think again. Except in very specific cases, you will be walking away from our practice with a white filling in your tooth. This means that not only will we have repaired the damaged and disease caused by tooth decay but we will also completely restore the esthetic quality of your tooth.

#3: Remember That They’re Comfortable

For many patients, the biggest concern is in regards to their comfort. Remember as you prepare and when you arrive that there’s no reason to feel concerned. We will begin by numbing your tooth and the area surrounding it. If you would like, we also offer nitrous oxide for a completely relaxing experience.