Common Questions About Crowns: Answered

questionmarkyellowIf you feel shy asking questions about dental crowns, don’t feel that way! Remember that most of the patients we see who require a crown have a lot of questions, too. Add that to the fact that we are always very welcoming when patients have thoughts, concerns, worries, or general questions about what to expect. The more informed you feel about protecting your smile, the more likely you are to feel relaxed (and maybe even excited) about taking care of your grin with essential restorations. For the time being, let’s offer up a few details you might be wondering about with a question and answer session.

Questions and Answers: Crowns

Question: What types of materials do you offer for the design of a dental crown?

Answer: We offer a comprehensive selection of materials with which to create your crown. These include: Porcelain or ceramic, metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), or zirconia.

Question: How do you decide which type of material to use? What if I do not want you to place a metal restoration in my mouth but I need a strong crown?

Answer: We will explain the materials and make recommendations for specific options based on your needs. For instance, a front tooth requires less strength and durability than a back tooth. As a result, we may suggest porcelain for anterior teeth but suggest something with greater strength for back teeth. Through a discussion about esthetics, location, and budget, we will come to a conclusion together. Fortunately, if you do not want a metal crown, zirconia is tooth-colored and extremely strong, making it appropriate for back teeth.

Question: Will a dental crown work with my smile bite? Is it going to seem obvious or cause me problems with speaking, chewing, or other functions?

Answer: We carefully design each dental crown and make final adjustments for a beautiful, functional fit with your bite.