Hate Flossing? We Can Help!

dentalflossmeasuringDo you find that no matter what you do, you do not enjoy flossing? Is this something that causes you a considerable amount of worry because you want to care for your smile the best that you can? However, this dental hygiene obstacle seems to keep getting in the way. Fortunately, you are not stuck with this dilemma forever. We have some tried-and-true suggestions that will help you out of this rut, so you can enjoy cleaning between your teeth and protecting your oral health with ease.

Change What You Dislike

It’s entirely possible that you don’t like making flossing part of your dental hygiene experience because you don’t like your floss. However, if you have always used the same floss, you might not realize that making a change can actually help in a significant way. Here’s what you might think about switching up to improve your experience:

  • Try a new flavor (or try unflavored)
  • Try out waxed or unwaxed, depending on what you have been using
  • Seek out different textures, like “tape” or “sensitive” options
  • Try a new brand

Ditch The Floss, Try A Flosser

For some, the sensation of dental floss between teeth is just too strange or uncomfortable. When this occurs, we often suggest a patient try out a water flosser. Rather than rely on a strand of material for removing plaque and debris, you will be relying on a steady and powerful stream of water. It’s easy to use, powerful, yet gentle enough to feel comfortable. Have questions about this dental hygiene option? Let us know!