3 Ways You’re Stopping Your Oral Health Progress

3SilverYou might not recognize it just yet but you might be doing some things that are keeping you from making the most of your oral health progress. For instance, you might be doing some things correctly like brushing your teeth. However, you might be making some other counterproductive choices throughout the day that destroy the potential of those efforts. Allow us to offer up a few ways you might be unintentionally sabotaging your intentions, so you can make sure you’re doing your best to protect your grin.

#1: You Brush And Floss And Then Eat At Night

Good for you! You are brushing your teeth and flossing at night! A wonderful way to protect your oral health. However, if you are eating right after you do this (or before you get into bed), you’re essentially undoing the progress that you were making. Make sure you’re done eating and drinking for the night (you may still have water) and then practice your dental hygiene.

#2: You Mean Well But Forget To Call Us

It’s great if you have very positive feelings about professional dental care. It’s an essential part of your progress in maintaining optimal oral health. However, if you don’t follow through on contacting us to set up and come in for your dental checkups and your dental cleanings, you will not enjoy the clean smile you need for good oral health.

#3: You Ask Too Much Of Your Teeth

It’s true that your teeth are exceptionally resilient and strong. However, they can become eroded, they can break, and they can suffer from other forms of illness. Don’t ask too much of them! Use them for chewing (foods that you can easily break apart with your teeth) and to speak. Easy.