OTC Whitening Q&A: What You Should Know

OTCHave you made the decision that your darkened or yellowed smile has got to go – and that it’s time to replace it with a vivid, sparkling grin? If so, you are probably already aware that you can achieve beautiful results with teeth whitening. However, the type of whitening you choose is actually a very important factor in your smile-improving journey. Choosing professional treatment with us? It’s an effective plan. Relying on OTC (over-the-counter) whitening? Not so great. Allow us to explain why with a Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: OTC Whitening

Question: Why is it so important that I choose professional teeth whitening?

Answer: Professional treatment is known for its safety and efficacy. Translation: We will ensure the soft tissues in your mouth remain safe, that your teeth remain healthy and comfortable, and that you actually achieve the results you want.

Question: Why doesn’t OTC whitening work?

Answer: We encourage you to avoid OTC teeth whitening because it is unreliable and not known for its effective results. First, the formula is made to address everyone’s discoloration, which, as you know, comes in a wide array of severity. What works for one patient may not work at all for another. As a result, it’s impossible to know what type of results to expect. We can offer professional treatment customized to your needs.

Question: Is OTC whitening safe?

Answer: We do not consider OTC teeth whitening safe for your smile. This is because the formulas that you find in store-bought products are often too harsh for your teeth, which can lead to serious sensitivity. The product may also cause dehydrated teeth.