Fact Or Fiction: Better Beauty For Your Smile

factorfictionAre you somewhat turned around these days when it comes to figuring out how to make your smile look much better? Don’t worry – it is easy to feel drawn in many different directions, particularly when you are bombarded with opinions online – and opinions from friends and family, too. The good news is that you can feel certain when you seek advice from our practice that you’re getting just the facts. When discussing ways to improve your smile’s beauty – such as relying on cosmetic dentistry – the difference between fact and fiction can be difficult to discern. Let us help.

Fact Versus Fiction: Your Smile’s Beauty

Fiction: If you need restorative dentistry, it won’t help your smile look much better. We will have to offer cosmetic dentistry after we repair your oral health, so your grin looks good again.

Fact: These days, restorative treatments are both beneficial for your oral health and the beauty of your smile. As a result, a white filling or porcelain crown, for instance, will fix the problem with your smile and yield lovely results.

Fiction: If you want a prettier looking smile, cosmetic dentistry is available but it is very difficult to qualify for treatments.

Fact: Most people – usually all people – qualify for cosmetic care. Just remember that the way your smile looks comes second after its health, so we may need to first rectify any problems and then focus on getting your smile to look the way you want it.

Fiction: It’s usually a good idea to see if you can find over-the-counter treatments that will address your concerns first. If you cannot, then you should contact us about cosmetic dentistry.

Fact: It’s generally not a wise idea to attempt your own care, whether it’s restorative, cosmetic, or otherwise. We suggest you schedule a dental visit with us, so we can provide you with specific instructions.