Dentures (and Partials) Made Just for You

dentures (and partials) made just for youAside from the embarrassment of missing teeth, the gaps left by lost teeth can negatively affect the function of your mouth. Biting, chewing, and speaking clearly can become difficult as your tooth alignment is altered, and serious oral health issues can often follow. For instance, the teeth that remain will naturally shift in an attempt to close the gap and pick up the slack, which can contribute to misaligned and damaged teeth.

Fortunately, these issues can largely be avoided by replacing missing teeth. Whether you need to replace multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, modern complete and partial dentures can be custom-crafted to specifically meet your needs.

Complete Dentures

Losing all of your teeth can be a devastating experience. With one or a set of complete dentures, however, you can replace your lost teeth in full and once again feel the joy of a confident smile. A complete denture is a full set of upper or lower teeth that are secured to a comfortable, gum-colored base.

In the case of upper dentures, the base can be secured to your gums with the natural suction created by the concave shape of the roof of your mouth.  For lower dentures, the custom, firm fit of the base will fit the shape of your dental ridge for optimal stability.

Partial Dentures (Partials)

If you’ve lost multiple teeth, but not all of them, you don’t have to wait for the rest to go before you can benefit from a dental prosthetic. Like complete dentures, partial dentures also sit on a gum colored base. However, partials only contain replacements for the teeth that are missing and are secured in place with discreet attachments that fit around existing teeth.