Top Advantages Of Dental Implants

shutterstock_300143651No matter how you’ve lost your tooth, whether it be to gum disease, tooth decay, injury, etc. – it can be a traumatic experience. Dental implants, one of the leading restorative options, are becoming increasingly popular among patients – and for good reason, too, as they have quite an extensive list of advantages! Unlike other restorative options, these “new teeth” are able to connect with your jaw bone. Not only does this make for an extremely stable and nearly permanent tooth, but it also prevents your jaw bone from deteriorating over time by giving it the proper stimulation it needs. That’s just the beginning of their benefits, too!

1.Aesthetic Appeal

If you haven’t seen an image of a dental implant before, it looks very similar to your natural tooth structure if you were to replace the root with a titanium screw. After the dental implant is placed, your dentist covers the visible portion with a dental crown creating a natural looking (and feeling) smile.

2.Resistance To Damage

While you will still need to ensure you’re practicing excellent oral hygiene and check in with your dentist as they recommend – your replacement tooth is actually resistant to bacteria, infection, and decay. Not only does this benefit the tooth itself, but it also helps to protect the teeth surrounding it!

3.Natural Functionality

So they look like natural teeth – but do they function like them too? The answer is yes! After dental implants are placed, they undergo a process known as osseointegration for 3-6 months. Throughout this time, your jaw bone and the titanium portion of your implant will fuse together. This makes for incredible stability – meaning, you won’t have to worry about the foods you eat being too tough to chew. It probably won’t take you long before you’re speaking normally again, too!

Are you interested in restoring your smile? Visiting your dentist will help to determine what steps you need to take next!