Are You Starting The New Year With A New Diet?

shutterstock_74622847What you put into your body goes through your mouth first, so it makes sense that your diet can greatly affect the health of your mouth. Choosing unhealthy foods that contain lots of sugar or carbs can lead to poor oral health. Are you starting the New Year with a new diet? The New Year begins tomorrow – maybe it’s time to reach for the healthier foods, especially if you’re having troubles with bleeding or inflamed gum tissue. Healthier foods like vegetables or lean proteins are also less likely to stick to your teeth decreasing the chance of infection.

Is Your Diet Part Of Preventive Dentistry?

Absolutely – preventive dentistry helps to avoid infections, decay, and loss. Regularly eating foods that are high in sugars and fatty acids can greatly increase your chances of these dental issues. By consuming healthier foods, you’re protecting your teeth and gum tissue from any harmful bacteria.

What Should You Eat?

Sticking to the healthier food groups – lean meat and poultry, whole grains, vegetables – will keep your entire body (and mouth) healthy. Indulging in sweets (or other things that are considered “bad” for you) every now and then won’t be detrimental to your health, but should be done in moderation. For example, a healthy dinner could consist of chicken, green beans, potatoes, and a small portion of desert.
If you’re ever questioning the foods you’re consuming regularly, ask your dentist to ensure you’re not eating anything that could easily stick to your teeth.