Do You Suffer From Tooth Sensitivity?

When the smithsensitivityenamel on your teeth is worn down, your teeth can be sensitive to extreme temperatures and to eating or drinking. This happens because the enamel protects these tiny tubes that go through the dentin (the layer beneath the enamel). The exposure of these tubes to cold air, extreme temperatures, or even your touch, causes nerve irritation which is where your pain is coming from. If you have receding gums, you may be experiencing sensitivity from the tops of your teeth because the gums are no longer there to protect them. Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity?

What To Avoid:

Acidic foods and drinks will eat away at your enamel – sodas, cit
rus, fruits, and even acid reflux. There are also some toothpastes that may further aggravate your nerves if you already have some sensitivity. The way that you brush your teeth can also be a factor – use a soft bristle brush, gently, versus using a hard bristle brush (which could wear your tooth enamel).

How Can I Treat My Sensitive Teeth?

There are several options to treat your teeth – some that can be performed in your dentist’s office, and others that you can perform from home. Your dentist can apply a desensitizing agent or a protective coating to your teeth to help protect the sensitivity from reaching your nerves and causing pain.

There are also several toothpastes that contain a desensitizing agent that you can use at home. Although this won’t be an immediate cure and will take time before it starts working, it also keeps you from using other toothpastes that could be even harder on your teeth.